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Export Credit Insurance

Extending credit to foreign customers is often required to be able to compete in foreign markets. However, this exposes exporters to the risk of non-payment. Political risks that can cause foreign customers to default include currency inconvertibility (foreign buyers' inability to obtain U.S. dollars), currency devaluation, war, revolution, cancellation of import/export licenses, foreign government action preventing the import of products, and diversion of voyage. Also, foreign companies may become insolvent or bankrupt, have cash-flow problems, or other commercial problems that could cause them to default or just take a very long time to pay. Export credit insurance (also referred to as trade credit insurance) can protect against these risks.

Benefits of Export Credit Insurance:

Export Credit Insurance can help your company:

  • Increase foreign sales
    • Foreign customers may want you to extend credit.
    • Their access to capital may be limited.
    • Interest rates in their country may be very high.
    • Strengthens relationships with foreign customers
  • Ensure You Get Paid
    • Export Credit insurance provides protection against the risk of default, allowing you to safely extend credit to foreign buyers.
  • Improve Financial Performance
    • When do you recognize income? When the sale is made or when your get paid? Accounting standards allow for income from credit-insured sales to be recognized when the sale is made.
    • Credit insurance improves financial performance, improves cash flow, reduces days sales outstanding and reserves for bad debts and improves return on assets.
  • Finance foreign sales
    • Most banks will not allow foreign accounts receivable as collateral in your borrowing base.
    • Insuring foreign accounts receivable makes them eligible to be included in the borrowing base.
    • Improve cash flow and liquidity by borrowing against insured foreign accounts receivable.

Policy Types - Policies can be arranged to cover:

  • All foreign and domestic buyers (Global Policy)
  • All foreign buyers
  • Key accounts
  • A single buyer
  • Top up (Excess of Primary)
  • Multi-insurer syndicated

Policy Terms and options:

  • No deductible
  • Deductible - either per policy year or per claim
  • Indemnity (amount covered) - 90% - !00%
  • Comprehensive or Political Risk Only Coverage
  • Premium charged on covered sales or on coverage limits
  • Premium rates are set primarily on payment terms and country of the buyer.
  • Rates are normally a fraction of 1% of covered sales.
  • Prepaid policies - where premium is charged up front based on estimated sales
  • Pay-as-you-go policies - where premium is paid on the prior month's covered sales

Trade Credit Insurers:

  • ACE
  • AIG
  • Atradius
  • Coface North America
  • EulerHermes
  • FCIA (Great American Insurance Company)
  • HCC Credit Group
  • Lloyds of London
  • Markel
  • XL Group
  • Zurich Insurance Company

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