Domestic Credit Insurance

  • Accounts receivable are one often one of the largest assets on a company's balance sheet.
  • Financial turmoil in the U.S. and problems in other countries that impact the U.S. make it hard to predict conditions that could lead to your U.S. customers defaulting on payment obligations.
  • Insurance on domestic accounts receivable protects against the risk of default with the financial benefits of:
    • Protection of cash flow and profits
    • Increased sales by allowing you to safely extend credit or continue to extend credit to customers
    • Increased access to bank financing and improved financing terms. Banks will normally increase the advance rate and reduce concentration limitations with accounts receivable insurance
  • An additional benefit of credit insurance is the valuable insight it provides on the credit quality of your customers.

If the insurer approves the requested coverage on your customers it is an indication of the credit quality of the company, but is more than just an opinion, as the insurer stands behind this with coverage provided in the event of default by your customer. If a request for coverage is denied the insurer will often provide information as to reasons for the denial, which should provide valuable information to you as to how to proceed.